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1. Salvation

2. Work it Out (feat. Zeek Power)

3. Carew

4. By My Side

5. Zeitgeist

6. Twenty-Five (feat. GOVS)

7. This Sanctuary is Your Home

8. Yours Alone

9. Close Your Eyes (feat. Grace Stailey)

10. Until This Love is All That Remains

released October 15, 2021

All words & music by Upile Mkoka

Upile Mkoka - production, vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, banjo, keys, synth, percussion, additional drums | Mark Myers - production, mixing, trumpets, accordion, electric guitar, synth, vocals | Tristan Barton - drums, percussion | Dave Wilton - mastering | Guest vocals by Zeek Power, Josiah Birrell, Grace Stailey, Rebecca Mkoka | Additional synth on Twenty-Five by Josiah Birrell

The story.


Until this Love is all that remains are seven words when strung together speak of total surrender. A total removal of oneself for Another. When these words first dropped into my mind and heart I thought that it painted a picture with me in it. I am now realising that is not the case. That if this Love is truly all that's left, that must require complete surrender and abandonment on my part.


Over the years I’ve told myself that it (music, songs, life) is all for Love - but if I'm honest, there was a part of me that still wanted at least some of the glory, accolade and attention (or maybe quite a large share?). It wasn’t until I loosened my grip that I realised how tightly I had been holding on to it all and constricting what was made for growth when held in the right Hands.


Love being all that remains begins with Salvation. An entry point to an eternal dance - an exit from a thirsty, striving race of going through life alone. We then have to work it out - just like anything of value; it comes with a cost and often a fight to save something (or someone) we hold dear.


We see beauty in things that once may not have caught our eye, and are taken back to the most beautiful places that our hearts long to return to, just to experience splendour with the Creator. 


We realise now that we aren’t alone - ‘Love is by my side, calling me His own!’


It is true, we are surrounded by those that are kindred souls to help travel through life with and to enjoy this world together.

A realisation sets in as your old life has been left behind - you are set out into what you do not yet know, and without fully being able to articulate why, you know you must go.


It is on the other side of the leap into the unknown that we find Love on a new level. A sanctuary, a hidden place of intimacy. Somewhere we can lay our burdens down and breathe out everything that weighs us down and holds us back.


We depart, knowing this is our new foundation and Home - with an awareness that we are ‘Yours alone’. One with Love, and led by His voice.


We can close our eyes in full trust that it is Love writing our story, filling the pages that only He can. Our dependence is now solely on Love. Having let go of everything else and realising it has always been about this one thing.


A journey of letting go and surrendering to the One who paid it all and made a way for us to be found - only though first being lost. Be my full supply, my all in all, until this Love is all that remains.

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